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*UPDATE - 7/4/16*

Hi, I know it's been forever and I can't imagine anyone still finding my profile but... if you do... I'd like you to know I've started writing again it's just on a different website. I like that it allows me to do creative/nerdy things like make book covers and post music.

If you're interested in checking out my Wattpad account here it is:https:///user/MessyComplicated

This isn't showing up so just know it's Wattpad. MessyComplicated.

The name acatsrain has nothing to do with cats. The word 'acat' means truth in a book I read once (you won't find it either so don't try) and the rain part. Well I just like the rain; it could also mean reign, which would implicate that I was saying the reign of truth and I like that.

Personally I think in real life this is the kind of things that gets ruined; no such thing as true love, or romance, or soulmates and I also think that in fiction we should be correcting the cracks in our realty and making it better. Why do you want your imagination to match what sucks in real life? So though in my ordinary life I think loves overrated and teenage swooning girls talking about marriage to their high school sweet heart is stupid (sorry if you are an exception to this but come on... most aren't) I read books about love and happily ever after because I know it can work out on page, unlike... most of

the time... in real life.

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