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hi, its Joseph and I'm a Senior in high school and in love with English (poetry, writing, reading-the whole sha-bang).

Random Facts:
if you go to and type in christus hypercubus and click the button "i'm feeling lucky", you'll see a picture by Salvator Dali depicting christ on a hypercube cross (it's pretty cool, you should check it out).
i wear shorts year round (yes, to the idiots, i wear them during winter too).
i have very-long hair (for a boy, it rests on my neck like a brown mess).
i have hairy legs.
i don't drink soda (just flavored water, juices, and water. oh, and milk).
i love the twilight books (yes, i lost 1000 man points reading them, but Stephanie Meyers is awesome).
i love student teaching (the middle-schoolers know me as Mr. Mop-head).
i am a member of the scholastic bowl team
i am a member of Spanish club
i am a member of Future Buisness Leaders of America (FBLA)
i am a member of Adolecents learning positive health alternatives (ALPHA)
i am a member of our scholastic bowl team.

Favorite Music type:
NONE! i am a music lover (listens to everything from opera to rock to country, including japanese techno and even german and spanish rock).

some of my favorite bands:
The Killers
Blue October
American Hi-Fi
Bowling for Soup
Kasting Krowns
The Bravery
Within Temptation
Green Day
Fall out Boy

Good Books:
the Twilight series
the stand
cradle and all
cat and mouse
no second chance


Question: you can stick your answer in a review or just message it to me. How did you choose your pen name?

i'm a poet, i'm awesome, i'm conceded, i'm a guy (well, today i am. tomorrow...)jk jk. i'm all around a awesome person. damnit danies poetry is the bomb. i like the color black, but love uplifting poetry. i'm a struggling christian, but christian still. i'm also weird, i wear shorts all year around (yes, even during winter) because of my sexy legs. i've brown eyes, and i'm rock'in some long brown hair (it has gotten to the point that it passes my neck, but just bartely). wazz up to all you people? hey, quick question. if i star putting some of my bible lesson studies on this site, would you Christians look at them? if you will, message me, and if i get at least ten people saying yes, i'll type them out and put them on here, k? K. also, words o wisdom, "life and strife don't rhyme on mere coincidence". sounds smart, huh? yeah, i wrote it!

thank you twilightbutterfly, for all your support and great reviews. god bless.

read this story; it's hilarious and amazing and written from DemiJoeLover. it's called From The Chronicles of Blue.

-Joseph Sparks

J umpy (a complete spazz)

O ptmistic

S enstive

E nergetic

P hotogenic (loves the sun)

H ighly creative (writing)

S parky (nickname)

P owered by hope (avid Christian)

A wesome

R unnin’ on love

K ickin’

S uper!

read this, it's hilarious!

"One fine day in the middle of the night" (Journal Versions)

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight, or men
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other,
One was blind and the other couldn't, see
So they chose a dummy for a referee.
A blind man went to see fair play,
A dumb man went to shout "hooray!"
A paralysed donkey passing by,
Kicked the blind man in the eye,
Knocked him through a nine inch wall,
Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
And came to arrest the two dead boys,
If you don't believe this story’s true,
Ask the blind man he saw it too!

don't review too harshly!

favorite authors (books and poetry)

J.K. Rowling

Ted Peretti

Fred Dekker

Harlen Coben

R.A. Salvatore

Dean Koontz

Stephen King

Robert Frost (poetry)

Edgar Allen Poe (poetry)

Damnit Danie, bleaf, Fleur de L'est ,DemiJoeLover, SEMMU, Icicle Tears, ilovetheopera, earthsong12, needa s, Aeflin, and twilightbutterfly

here are some poets that needa s likes (well, she has them on her profile): T-Black-Eye, simpleplan13, LittleDoe, DarkBlysse, Artemis Anderson, Luna Turner, AuthorNinjaEarth, JC-Saved-Me, Mystique-Jay, mizu no kokoro, STORMPAW, substitute angel, jojoba-music-girl, plummet, Hail the Warrior, essenceflower, PrincessPeaches, TylerB, Wilkem18, under the influence, Captain Lucky, Unknown Survivor, The.Wizard.Pen.Dragon, review, by His blood, Jeannie-Redd, Eternity is Calling, Princess-anna57, Meepness, Midnight Doorman, MikaelaBanes, Scottish Princess, BurningEmbers, FIREBRAVE, Simple Servant, applecoffee, Heaven's Dragon, CacheDreams, Chalk, Modelicous, NadNad, His Mercy's Waiting hey maria. Gangrene, Evelyn Carnahan, S Sanders, Eternity is Calling, The Postscript, Creative Jenius, .dear. Disaster, RodeoGirl, heartloving, Savella, ChibiMa, xXxNesexXxxLEGNANELLAFxXx, unspokenthought, VeryShortStoryWriter, Averybarbarian, Maplewing, Rose Warne, AspiringWriter05, D. A. Emme, unspokenthought, Ashelin, papermask, moonlover46, darqlyte, RavenTiger, and CANOESROCK

favorite quotes:

by what may man within him hide through angel on the outward side-shakespeare

time will send me, but it can't mend me, as death is wakeless sleep- Wakeless Sleep, by Damnit Danie

"Ordering a man to write a poem is like commanding a pregnant woman to give birth to a red-headed child."
- Carl Sandburg

''Everywhere you look is inspiration, without it we wouldn't have anything to write.''-random idiocity.

" I thought poems were songs for people with bad voices."
- Lorna Dee Cervantes

"Poetry should be like fireworks, packed carefully and artfully, ready to explode with unpredictable effects."
-Lilian Moore

"The difference between the right and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightening and the lightening bug." - Mark Twain

The poem is a confession of faith." - Emerson

Talent is long on patience, and originality, an effort of will and of intense observation." – Flaubert

"But, the natural world is the old river than runs through everything, and I think poets will forever fish along its shores." - Mary Oliver, Poetry Handbook

“Hearts memory of sun grows fainter, sallow is the grass.” -Akhmatova (a Russian Poet)

there were people who lied for gain, people who lied from pain, people who lied because the concept of telling the truth was completely alien to them... and then there were people who lied because they were waiting for the right time to tell the truth. -Needful Things, Stephen King

“You must live not only for the mind, but for the senses. You have a body as well as a spirit. Don’t let that odious wren jail you with his daily babysitting. Don’t crush yourself any longer. Live. Travel. Love. Speak the languages you’ve learned. Experience the world directly, and not through the musty pages of a book. Live in color, not in black and white.” -Diogenes Pendergast, The Book of the Dead by: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

The most important kind of freedom is the freedom to be who you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for a act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on as mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s personal revolution, on the individual level. It’s got to happen on the inside first. You can take away a man’s political freedom and you won’t hurt him- unless you take away his freedom to feel; that can destroy him. That kind of freedom can’t be granted. Nobody can win it for you. - Jim Morrison

“It is by the fortune of God that, in this country, we have three benefits: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the wisdom never to use either.” – Mark Twain

Freedom lies in being bold – Robert Frost

it is always so; those closest to the heart cause the most pain - Sloan, Eldest, by Christopher Paolini

Poetryis not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things. -T.S. Eliot

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. -Robert Frost

i knew it from the moment i saw her...i loved her...as i loved her that fateful day on the ridge...i love her, and all the world will be sweeter indeed if i may hold her in my arms and feel her soft breath against my neck.- Elbryan Wyndon, The Demon Awakens, By R.A. Salvatore

Destiny, meet world. World, meet destiny. From the movie Core

life isn't about living fully, it's about fully living.-Unknown

They have wanted to be popular to. They have tried to be someone other than themselves, because they don’t think their “friends” will accept their crazy side. Out there, you can be whoever you want to be. And when you get home, you realized that you don’t ever have to be anyone but yourself. Because, you are a unique, talented person. Being different is not a problem; being the same is. You should be the only you, not one of the million “hers” or “hims.” A little nameless lake out in Canada may be the best place to find out who you really are.-CANOESROCK

between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow-Unknown

Doesn't matter what brings a person, only what they leave with-Unknown

procrastination is the thief of time.-Edward Young

everyone ends up in certain places and in certain situations, right? sometimes there is a reason it happens, as if the world pushes you into doing certain things or being in paticular places at paticular times.-The Star Tablet, By Jay Caselberg

WARNING: these poems may be offending to some viewers (depending on your religion, relationship with your parents, ect. if you feel that i am being to harsh on some topics, send me a message with your concerns and i will tell you why i wrote it and maybe why i might be taking it off of fictionpress. these poems are not directed toward ANYBODY, as a good poet knows, a poem is a signature of something that happens to an everyday person, a celebration, or just a thought that haunts your waking mind. keep reading and have fun writting!

Also, Check out:


-sincerely yours, ~Joe~

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