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22:47:40 gabi-hime Gabriel: Or I do believe I might actually hurt someone seriously. ;_; I need more sleep. I think I'll REARRANGE THE CABINETS. Keep busy keep busy.

22:48:37 gabi-hime Gabriel: . . . would you put the tinned tomatoes with the tinned vegetables or the tinned fruit?

22:49:24 gabi-hime Gabriel: ._. ;_; ;_; I HATE THE TINNED TOMATOES :SOBS:

22:49:39 Tami ... Gabriel needs a great deal of chocolate.

22:50:44 gabi-hime Gabriel: The chocolate is never around when you need it. It's always off BEING A FALLEN ANGEL OR SOMETHING ;_; ;_; ;_; THE PIES NEVER GET MADE ;_;

22:51:45 gabi-hime Gabriel: I need a vacation ;_; ._.

22:52:55 gabi-hime Gabriel: Maybe I'll go to Glastonbury and try to PICK UP THE PIECES OF MY SHATTERED LIFE. ;_; You're right. I do need chocolate ._.

Gabadillo: YOU ROCK.
Tamiest: YOU ROCK!
Gabadillo: NO, /YOU/ ROCK.
Tamiest: NO, /YOU/ ROCK.

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