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I like musicals, swimming, reading, writing and perfect playlists. I like perfect playlists that are perfect for books, and perfect playlists that are perfect for writing and I particularly enjoy perfect playlists that have songs from musicals in them. I like eighties retro movies and indie movies like Dakota Skye, 500 days of summer, How to Deal and Juno. I'm a total nerd. I just changed my pen name, it's a quote from a song in Rent, if you knew that then I feel proud to know you are reading my profile. If you didn't know that it was a quote from Rent, go out and rent Rent because it's on of my all time favorite movies. I also like Glee, I know it's not actually a musical but it's still really good. My favorite books are A Little Friendly Advice, The Poisonwood Bible, Perfect Chemistry, and all the Harry Potters. I went through a two month Twilight phase and then abruptly came to the conclusion that Edwards kind of creapy, Bella's really annoying and the guy who almost hit her with his van needs to learn how to hit his target. 3 -R
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