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I am not Japanese but I like the 竜 character. Random information? I am trying to find what writing talent I still have. I hope that this place will help me recover my skills again. I have a fanfiction account as well but I'm not really happy there.

For the past three years I have focused only on my musical talents and have ignored everything else going on in my life. As a result, my writing skills have diminished considerably. It used to come so naturally, as naturally as breathing but I sacrificed it for hours upon hours of nothing but practice on my weapon of choice, commonly referred to as the baritone saxophone. I have recently come to the conclusion that I have reached my limit of musical talent, that my goal of making All-State is an unrealistic one and that I shouldn't waste the talents I already posses in a vain search for the talents that I never will. I am a fine saxophonist. But I am not the best. And it bothers me that I am not the best; this is a terrible character flaw that I need to get rid of. So here I am, trying to awaken other talents, talents that have nothing to do with competition, talents that I can enjoy just for enjoyment's sake. Here I am, writing.

If anyone recognizes the penname from fanfiction.net or gaiaonline, rest assured, there is only one Drakoleses, and that is me. To anyone who does not recognize the penname, my fanfiction profile is considerably longer and contains much more random information about myself. I do not feel like copying and pasting it here... So there.

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