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Chris Rhyanne PM
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Attention: As of Febuary 2017, I'm back!

Unfortunately, all of my old stories (pre 2017) are being kept for reference/archival purposes only and will no longer be updated. It's been years since I've worked on them, after all. I've grown quite a bit as a person and as an author since then. Hopefully, yall have all grown up with me! I hope that my new work is as enjoyable as my old work. Which, if I'm going to be honest, is... pretty embarrassing to read so many years later. But hey. Live and learn.

Or die trying! I guess!

Expect romantic, self indulgent fluff about falling in love in strange ways in strange places. Not much of a change, really! But also, expect more... smut than in the past. Just. In general. As a rule. The smut is new, yes. But I hope you like it.

Active Stories (complete/in progress):

The King of Poison (active, updates sporadically. also on Ao3)

The Stepway (version one complete)

The Naken (complete)

Archived Stories (discontinued/on hiatus):

The Stepway (version two discontinued/on haitus)

Beauty and the Corpse (discontinued)

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