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Hey guys, my name is Melissa! Some of you may know me as summergirl0ox which is my other penname. I guess I'm using this one to attract different people, so people wouldn't read my new stories just because they liked other ones I've written, you know?

I'm only just beginning my first story on this pen name, so bare with me!

I'll warn you now, that I am an extremely busy person and there may be weeks without updates, but when that does happen, I always make the next chapter very long =)

I really hope you guys like this story, and check out my other pen name if you'd like.


A VERY BRIEF description of "Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave":

Main Characters (in order of appearance):







Melissa and Rob have been best friends since there parents conception and they are absolutely inseperable, and ONLY friends. In kindergarten, Allie joins them, and later in 6th grade Allison as well. In 9th grade, they came to be known as "The Crew"... best friends for life, no matter what. The story begins on September 4, senior year in college for The Crew. Melissa, Rob, and Allie all attend SUNY Binghamton in New York, but Allison atteneds Cooper Union in the city, but that doesn't stop them from being best friends. One night when Melissa, Rob, Allie, and Kevin (someone Melissa has liked for a while) go out to a club, Melissa decides that she will play hard-to-get, make Kevin want her even more. She asks Rob to pretend that they are dating, and he agrees because he knows they're just pretending... but what happens after one too many cocktails, and you suddenly have no idea who your best friend is, or even who are anymore? Can a one night stand with your best friend really change your entire life? Yes, yes it can.

http:/// This is a link to my livejournal account for this story. It has all the characters so far in the story and a picture of what I picture them to be. Check it out!


So I really hope you guys enjoy this story. Since this is fictionpress, this story is 100 fictional, and if any of the characters or events are familiar to you or anyone else you know, it is completely a coincidence. If you have any questions or just want to talk, EMAIL me at ... just let me know that you know me from fictionpress so I know who I'm talking to!


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