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I am a "return-review" person.

I read all genres, from cliches to non-cliches.

I give really nice reviews. Don't worry. I never flame.

If you want some fun reviews, just PM me or review any of my stories.

I also created a Slash Review (returned) Cafe Forum for all my lovelies. Want more Reviews go there! :)


Please, don't be "Stingy of Praise!" (Quoting my dad)

Make the world nicer with praises and love.

Geez, that sounds corny. lol

About me?

Hm, I consider myself as a very open and lovable person. I love slash. I don't simply judge people. In fact, I love to help people. If you have anything, just PM me. I will help as best as I can.

I return reviews that were given to me because I want to make everyone happy!

I am a fairly new writer. Prior to 2008, I admitted I did dislike litterature. Well that dislike lasted until I started reading Fanfictions. After that, I guess you can say I fell in love with novels and stories. (Mostly slash though)

Recently, I recalled the time when I subconsciously began to like slash. It all started back when I was a kid. I remember I was watching Robin fainted and Batman just bride-carried him off. it was so hot~ Little Me was like obsessed with that scene that I tried so hard to find ways to replay that scene again and again! Speaking of innocent slash! lol

Anyway, I am new in this whole writing business. So don't be too mean with my grammar. I am not very good in it yet. I am still an inexperienced writer. Yada yada~

There is nothing more in the world that I love more than slash. slash. slash. slash. That's probably the reason why I am still single (even though I am chased around). I can't help it. I just love to pair the boys~ hehehe. It's no secret that I like slash among my friends. Even the guys have to (much to their horror) endure my slash ranting. .

How I get my ideas? My ideas came the same way as they go to her.

Agatha Christie's quote:“Plots come to me at such odd moments, when I am walking along the street, or examining a hat shop… suddenly a splendid idea comes into my head.

Current projects:

A Tale of Woe: --Romance, angst, great characters' developpment--

A loving couple was separated by war. Craine was forced to dress up as a woman to avoid conscription. However, everything changed when a powerful gang came and took him away from his hometown as a pleasure whore. When Lorewolf, Craine's lover, returned from the war, he was not pleased about the outcome of everything.

Journey to Cloud 9: --Adventure, fantasy, romance--

Betrayed and abandonned by his lover, sorcerer Mel was bought by the infamous pirate Jagul who treated him surprisingly well. Apparently their history ran way back memory lane but Mel had no recollection of it whatsoever. Much to Mel's own discovery, life as a pirate was pretty thrilling!!!

Little Lily of the Valley: --Romance, humour, later angst, couple development--

Eternity was created by doctor Adelson to be his pretty son. (no incest here, just a very loving father) One day, Eternity was asked to try out one of Adelson's latest and advance project, which turns humans into animals. Eternity agreed to his father's request. Along the way, Halcyon, a street gang leader, took an immense liking to Eternity and annoyed him endlessly.

Massimo Varardi: Supernatural, romance (not horror)--

Massimo, school's hot and rebellious Italian delinquent, decided to help his friend on making a supernatural film. He went home and dug out his father’s (a life-sentenced prisonner) cam recorder. It was then he realized the device was haunted by a mesmerizing ghost.

Spell Laughter with Capital S (aka Slaughter) -- Romance, crime, obsession--

It is about Jeremiah Covaled, an easy going policeman, who is obsessed with the mysterious Lawrence, an ophan caretaker/volunteer. Everything seems cool and dandy when Jeremiah shows a dark side of his personality. At the same time, another major killer gang appears in town, calling themselves the Vaccuumers. Curiousity gets better of Jeremiah as he started to dig out secrets about the group. The more he dwelled, the more suspicious Lawrence became.

They Loathe Gun and Money: -- Friendship, slice of life--

Bad boy Alester was supposed to receive something from his deceased father. When he opened his inheritance box, it was something totally different from what he expected. A million dollar check. On the other hand, rich boy Emile got his inheritance too. Opening his box, he found a gun as his family inheritance. The worse? Those two boys will be living together and cope up with each other's difference.

Coming projects:

Coli's Line: -- Sci-fi, romance, horror (for carnibalism)--

In Liberman City, humans are sorted into animal hierarchy. Coli, who was cheated out of the higher position, became a "cattle", which means if he didn't use his brain to survive, he would be eaten by the Biggies (highest predators). Meanwhile, Leon, the typical "food" hunter, was sent out to capture cattes. (Un)fortunate for him, upon meeting Coli, Leon rejected his old arrogant life and sought to find Coli at the Line.

God's Leftovers: -- Supernatural, intense gore, evil romance

After centuries of constant search for a bride, the Demon of Pride finally found a human, Eyes, that catched his attention. Terrified, Eyes begged Vance, a rookie demon hunter, to aid him from the said demon. However, Vance chickened out and because of that, he was forced to carry a heavy burden. The young demon hunter had to look after a demon's bride while fighting off the obvious temptation.

If the coming projects interest you, please PM me and encourage me to upload them.

Oh, I have to apologize for my infamous slow update. It can't be helped, especially when you are stuck in a nerdiest of nerd school. -And I am not even a nerd, find the mistake. I usually update during the holiday, so stay tune. Subscribe me if you want for further new stories.

Oh and my first poll is up, up to you, my friends, to

Thanks to all the Little Lily of the Valley's reviewers and readers, today (April 6th 2009) it is its one month anniversary. 949 views and 83 reviews. LOVE you all~ hug

And January 7 2010, Fictatiousrambler had gifted me an amazing poem on Little Lily of the Valley. It is amazing! I am so happy. It is like the greatest honour for a little writer like me! I am extremely touched and grateful! Thank you Fictatious!


An Eternity in the form,

Of blue, green and gold.

Streaked through orbs,

Shifting with animal passion.

A pelt of coal,

Falsified through time.

A hidden secret given,

To a wide-eyed Eternity.

Halcyon is very strong,

Yet uprepared for the bite,

Of the untamed beast,

He courts against time's will.

And yet Adelson has,

Created a thing of beauty,

A sliver of miracle to last,

For all of Eternity.

Please review on her original here: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2761221/1/An_Eternity

Thank you very much, O wonderful FictatiousRambler! I am in love with this poem!

Recent News

(January 2 2010): I'll be updating stories which I get reviews on. So review if you want your favorite story to update soon. Better be quick before my school starts again!

(July 7 2011): I'm working on Journey to Cloud 9. Other projects are on hiatsu. But don't worry, I will return to them once my plot bunnies for Journey to CLoud 9 die off. LOL. Stay tuned my lovelies!!!

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