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Joined Apr '01
I like (Clean) furry/anthropomorphic stories and RPGs.
I have 2 cats and have to care for the other 4 cats that live in my house They are half-abys, Rivkah and Ben.
I now have a working scanner so maybe you will be able to see illustrations to go along with my stories.
If you want to message me on AIM I'm LazeyWinde, YM irish_tempered_emerald and on MSN lazey_winde@ if you wanna email me I'm irish_tempered_emerald@. No flames thanks. And I don't appreciate people hitting on me. I aint as pretty as my SN might sound (Though I always thought I had a plain looking SN) and I DON'T wanna cyber. *Shudders*
I'm in my early twenties (I'd give my exact age but I'm too lazey to update that often :-P) but I'm really an old crankpot. I fuss a lot, and have a lot of pet peeves. Like having to sift through piles of fanfics on because fanfics DON't belong on , they belong on fanfiction.net- is for original stories/poems (Check the upload guidelines if you don't believe me, I'm not just having a 'senior moment' here!) I hate most music that's popular (If you can call that grunting kids these days listen to as music, ugh) I'm tired of hearing about the million+ reality series on TV everytime I turn it on (Which becomes more rare), I'm the grumpy old type who likes old sitcoms like I Love Lucy and mourn the loss of Full House. I hate spam and popup ads and commercialism, naturally I like the adblocker on this site. And I eat old people cereal that has large print on the box.
I don't watch much TV as I mentioned above, but when I do watch it I watch The Simpsons almost everyday since it's one of the few sitcoms that are still out there that amuse me. Sometimes I watch the news but that depresses me almost as much as reality TV. So for news I mostly rely on newspapers- I flip straight to the comics page, (Cartoonists are the biggest geniuses in papers) Foxtrot is my favorite since Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side ended.
I read a lot, read no less than 50 books just in the year 2003, and that's not counting the books I didn't finish, online stories, newspapers and magazines I also read.
Yes, I have no social life.
I recently discovered Terry Brooks, his books seem pretty good so far, I read the 4 Shannara books, not sure of what the series is caled. I love CS Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, "The Horse and his Boy" is my favorite one in the series, maybe because it takes place completely in the fantasy world and has more main animal characters. Surprisingly I have not read all The Lord of the Rings books, I can't get into them, read The Hobbit and staggered through Fellowship, but that Tolkien is just too wordy for me (Please don't hate me) I'll read them someday. I like "Ella Enchanted", and that author (Think her name is Gail Carson Levine) has written other hilarious stories that I highly recomend. Like everyone else and their dog I read and like Harry Potter, I won't bother recomending the books because if you like reading enough to read this far into my bio you've read or at least been recomended Harry Potter by now.
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