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Hello there :) My name is Sittie Ainah. Wait, what? IT'S NOT WEIRD! But you can call me Achi ;)

I am Asian and I am a Filipina.

ISLAM is my religion. And I'm 100 percent proud and happy of it. If you're a Christian, a Buddhist, etc, then hola! I don’t think we should be ‘enemies’ just because we’re different. So peace on earth. =)

Most people think I''m silent and shy, but once they get to know me more, the other side should show. Haha! And yep, that's a threat XD

Right now, I'm a fourth year nursing student so I'm really pretty busy with school. I haven't written much for a loooooooooong time but somehow, I just can't give up writing ;) I might try writing again soon but I don't know when. I get easily inspired with reviews and all, and I haven't gotten one for a looooooong time too so maybe, just maybe, if I get more inspiration I might continue writing again. So help me out. loljk


I am lazy.

Reviews, favorites and alerts make me super happy. As I've said, they inspire me to write more. They may just be small things, but they make me happy. Really :)

I write depending on my mood, but it seems like I do better in school requirements (e.g. English classes). I get more focused when required :P The time-frame thing gives me adrenaline rush! ;)

I try to please but if people don't like my work, I try to improve. If people give comments, of course I accept :) But if it's too harsh, I prefer they shut up and leave ;) Seriously, no author-bullying here. You can try pointing my mistakes and all, but please do it in a nice way. I've deleted a story once not because of the corrections, but because some people were being a little too harsh. I was a newbie and felt like people were already bashing out on me :/ Trust me, that feeling sucked, so please let's not do it to each other :)

I. AM. A SLOW. WRITER. I don't update often but having reviews, favorites and alerts turn the writer in me ON so yeah :)


Still, I am lazy. I love keeping ebooks or any story-stuff I get online, but most of the time they remain untouched. After all, I gotta study! Study now, other things later is a policy I try to follow.

I review long. And I review much :) Especially to those who review my works too. Haha. And that is how KIND I am, lol

Sometimes I put alerts on finished stories. That means one thing, i have to read your work first! Sometimes I just surf and put things on alert for future reading. Lazy reader here :D

Uh, I put alerts too on unfinished stories I like. But sometimes i put alerts on any story I've read to find what comes next. I always feel the urge to finish what I've started. Even if I’m not super duper thrilled by it because again, I'm that KIND. Trolololjk :)


I'm not hard to satisfy.

I barely complain.

I appreciate a lot of plots.

I try to find the good in everything.


I am a KIND reader ;) Hahaha. Like here we go again :P

Here are some of my accounts, just in case you wanna be friends:


Thanks for passing by! Good day :)

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