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I'm a writer for the soul purpose that I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I simply have to get them out. I have a horrible habit of not finishing stories, but if they're on here, I will most likely finish them. Eventually.

I'm a junior at the University of Washington. I have a deep love for psychology and chemistry. I'm also a dance minor, but my lack of coordination will keep me out of the upper level classes, for sure.

I work as a student manager in one of UW's lovely dining facilities. I can flip burgers and make delicious lattes (with foam art, man). I also provide free labor in two of the research labs. I'm insanely interested in visual pathways and neural connections between sleep and mood disorders. I'm a rare variety.

But you don't actually care about me - so let's talk about my stories.

Rushwill eventually get finished, I swear. I keep starting a chapter, then deciding I have writer's block and fleeing.

Identity Crisis will also get finished. I love the idea of the story, I'm just having a severe case of writer's block, that I'm sure will magically disappear when I should be studying for finals. Stay tuned.

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