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Name: Darcey

Age: a number

Why I'm Here: To read story and write!!

i love to read. people say that i have no life,( my friends) but they are wrong. i love to write also

my friends got me into it and so here i am

if you need to email me here is my email: d_herring@

when i heard of this site i was blown away. i thought my friends and i like to write but i was wrong, these people love it..

I like to hang out with my friends,go to the movies (to see what the people in hollywood are thinking), listen to music (any kind), some what hang out with family, i love my siblings.

But most of all i love my TWIN!! she isnt really my twin because we are a different race and different families but we think that same act the same everything about is the same. she is on here her author name is RebalVampire go and check out her stuff. Me and my twin are soo much alike.. when were together its crazy... right now its really hard cuz i moved to oklahoma and in december she will be moving to new york..

I'm in high school... in my class there will be 23 including me... its small i know. but hey this is what i signed up for.

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