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I began writing as a kid but didn't get much for stories until high school when they offered a written composition for an english class. We wrote lots of stories and I had so much fun. I'd continued writing during college (vo-tech) even though they didn't offer english or lit classes. After college I worked for my old English teacher (cleaning motel rooms while interviewing for a job in my chosen career) who was helping get a local writers group going. I missed the first meeting but I've barely missed a meeting since they started 12 years ago. I have one short story published in an online speed-reading course offered to colleges across the world. I've gotten 2 novella's written (30k & 48k) and 3 novels and 2 more in progress but so far I've not searched for an agent. After years spent writing scenarios of what I wanted in my dream life, I started learning the novel writing process back but didn't get practical about it until a few years ago. And that would be why I'm here. To get feedback on my stories.

Some of my favorite authors include: Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelly Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, LJ Smith, Keri Arthur, Nina Bangs, Terry Brooks, Kate Forsyth, Cate Tiernan, Kim Harrison, The House of Night series by PC & Kristen Cast, oh, there are so many more. They say if you want to make it as a writer, read the greats. Well, these are my greats.

For those of you who do happen to read my stories, leave a comment/review or PM me and I'll return the favor. I may be kinda slow getting there but I'll definitely try.

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