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ok here are a few of the basics. just to let you know

you can call me: nenja



favorite food: anything hot and spicy

favorite things to do: sleep, read, and drive

wants: to have a herb garden, motorcycle, and a truck

wants to be: don't have a clue (if you know somethin cool write me)

sucks at: spelling, and a few other things.

eye color: blue

hair color: light brown

skin color: white

siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother, 3 stepbrothers, 2 stepsisters

favorite color: green

favorite books: shannara series, twilight, you dont know me, what my mother doesnt know, cleaveage, Armageddon's children, the worthing chronicle, the Xanth series, a grest and terrible beauty, the seacret life of bees, any and all Nora Roberts books, almost eden, sweetwater, inkheart, eye of the world, and a whole bunch more.

i dont really have any storys or poems posted right now (im not that good at writing anyway) so just hang in there and keep lookin.

p.s. sorry if i spelled anything wrong cuz i suck at spelling.

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