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If you didn't notice by the obnoxious greeting, I am a very hyper peson, and therfore tend to annoy the more laid back people...but they don't really matter to me, so I really don't give a crap!

A lot of people say things like; "Music is my life." and (to quote the Jonas Brothers-who bug me a lot) "Music's in my soul"...well for me tose staements are true. I am addicted to all things music! I like any type of music that is not rap(I don't like rap because...i don't really know why, it usually has a good beat and it's fun to dace to most of the time, i think it's just because the lyrics are often very degrating towords women, and i just can't get over that...plus i can't stand it when it is the guys that grew up in places like Beverly Hills and they are acting like they grew up in Detroit or one of the many skeezy places in New York!)

I don't really have anything else to rant about right now so...BYE!!

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