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YAY! I get to blab about me!...again! I know, you are wondering what I mean, so I will tell you. I am "Edward's Sweetheart" On Fanfiction.net. (Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/~edwardssweetheart )

~About me~

Name: Luna Wolff (My fav name...not my real one...)

Age: 16 (My real age)

Hair: Wavy, light brown, a little bit shorter than shoulder blade langth

Eye: Blue

Zodiac: MONKEY!!

Sign: Sagittarius

Likes: ANIME, Animals, reading, writing, drawing, rideing quads (Four wheelers), Playing Video Games, rideing horses, and the colors Blue, black, and red.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, tomatos (Most of the time), tight clothes, and the color pink...

Music likes: Country, light metal (like Evanesence), Japanese (Anime), Hip-hop, Pop, Rock, some Oldies, and some spanish.

Music Dislikes: Heavy Metal (Should sink to the bottom of the ocean) , Rap (Should rap itself up and go away), and Cristmas music around the Holidays...

Death Fear: to be raped than murdered...embarassing...

Family in the house: Mom, Dad, older bother (Is deaf), Me, and all three of my dogs! YAY!

Dogs: Belle (Pitbull/Rottweiler), Missy (golden retriever/Wolf), and Abby (Brendal Rottweiler)

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