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Why, hello there my bright grasshoppers!

I am...well, call me Master (no matter how vain an egoistic that makes me sound). It makes me feel all-powerful. (Or, you can call me Pie)

So, a little bit about myself...let me ponder this for a while. Um...

I am in love with...that is a secret. I am a teenager. Telling you my age would be rather foolish, and I might even be stalked. I would prefer not to be, by the way. However, I will tell you that I am a young teenager. Put the emphasis on the 'young' part. I am afraid of time. I really would like to stay young-ish forever. Not that I want to stay a young teenager forever (put an emphasis on the young), but it would be nice if I grew up and developed and all, and learned stuff, and prepared. Then, I could get a vampire to bite me or something and free my inner...immortality, and insanity.

I am in love with fire, and have been caught many times with a match in my hand. What can I say? It's fun! When we had a bunsen burner/fry marshmallow & peanut project in science this year, I spent the time burning stuff while my lab partners recorded. I was the BURNER. It was insane. I almost set my paper on fire.

Oh. And to answer another question (although it was unspoken), I am Asian. Chinese, in fact. Pure Chinese. Is it a stereotype that mostly Asians read and write fanfic? I am against that!

Also. I am a feminist. I support women's rights and I fully support gays. Or homosexuals. Either name works. Oh. And segregation is evil.

I would say more, but I'm not completely sure if I could describe myself anymore and not sound completely insane. So...

That's all! Bye!

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