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okay I've never really filled these thingies out before so...here it goes...

random facts about me...dun dun duh

my name is Ashley and I hate it

I live in Florida and i hate it...raise your hand if you abhor the bright big orb in the sky some call the sun

I am ocd on this site check out my faves there are some great authors

I am twenty and am going to school for marine biology

I wanna be just like Steve Irwin may he rest in peace

Batman is my favorite super hero

my friends are crazy but I only ever seem to attract the crazy ones...but I mean what are you gonna do?

that's just how we roll

please add me on facebook my emails xboysxuckx@ yahoo .com

my aim is: disashterisepic

My live journal is diashter. livejournal. com

I'll finish updating later I'm gonna go look for a story too read

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