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It's been ages since I've really done anything with this account. I started it a long time ago with a very different mindset. Now after a couple years and all the things that have come with them, I finally have free time again and I don't know what to do with it. I would love to write, but I'm having a hard time of it, partially because I have to work around the hatred of the act of sitting down at the computer and forcing myself to write that years of English classes and research papers have given me. I may break out some notebooks and see what happens. But honestly, I doubt I'll be posting any of my own work here anytime soon.

As for my old work, I'm torn between printing it out and burning it and keeping it for the nostalgia (not that I ever want to go back there again). I'll probably delete some of it and keep some. We'll see.

With my free time nowadays, I'm wasting a whole lot of it on the internet. I'v started re-watching old TV shows. (Old here meaning previously aired, not necessarily a long time ago.) Right now I'm working my way through Stargate SG-1 again and there's also Sherlock and X-Files and Doctor Who. I'm reading The Dresden Files and kind of loving them. After those I'll finally do Game of Thrones.

You can contact me at any time for any reason at Rain_of_Silver @ hotmail . com . I am still completely willing to beta anything, just contact me.


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