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Hello. I am a college student living in Japan. I write mostly historical romance that takes place in Regency England, but I have dabbled in a bit of fantasy and erotica.

I have a livejournal. Check me out!

Also, if you have twitter, feel free to add me. If you let me know that you are from fictionpress, and I will be happy to return the favor.

Did you like my stories? Do you want to read more historical romances? Click here!

UPDATE 2/14/2011: I am working on the companion novel to The Debutante titled Dueling the Duke. Hopefully the first chapter will be up by the end of this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

Character Pictures from The Debutante and Dueling the Duke

Blog post I did about my characters here.

Until I can fix the links below, check out the blog post or just look at the album here.

Priscilla 1, 2, 3

Lord Ainsworth 1, 2, 3

Olive 1, 2, 3

Lady Ainsworth and Priscilla

Captain William Stratton

Mr. Thomas Thumble

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