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Eight Bells: *Abandoned*

Knight Love: Completed

What's new?: Hello all, it's been 4 long years since I've been back on the circuit and I have to say it feels even longer. It was a hard task but I decided I would delete my older works that weren't getting any new views and kept the two that were getting weekly views. I have grown so much older since the last time I wandered the romance section of FictionPress and looked back on a mere whim. After some investigation it appears there was still some activity left on here and I needed to get back into writing again. It's been difficult as I dealt with a relationship gone bad and many other factors that have kept me from writing. I don't know how soon I'll start back or if I'll ever finish Eight Bells, but I'm going to try once more. I hope I am able to bring you future happiness and joy when you read my stories! Thanks so much after all of these years.

Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely yours,


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