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I'm a girl currently doing my university education, and possess great hidden desires and secret wishes. My logical side tells me that most of the things I dream about will never come true, but my heart says otherwise haha.

I am an enigma of sorts, and I can't really understand myself truly, so I doubt anyone else out there truly knows the real me deep down. In fact, half the people I know aren't even aware of the things I do in my private time, like writing this fiction, the alternate dimension to my fantasies.

Some part of me wants to link the different facets of me together and bunch them all into the ONE AND ONLY ME. But I know that is a mean feat onl God possibly can accomplish, and I'd be lying if I said that having different facets didn't have its fair share of benefits.

Ah well, I can't seem to think of anything else I'd want to add, perhaps I'll revisit this page someday and change the mundane things I've written here so far.


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