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I go by Anielle, Elle for short. I don't consider myself a writer but that's more to do with self-esteem issues than what actually occurs. I'm hoping to get my act together so I can produce some great fiction pieces on here, pulling on some personal experiences to provide real and raw emotions in these pieces as a way of coping. I hope everyone enjoys!

Pretending to Breathe: A story about a girl who believes that once the love of her life dies, loving again would be impossible, almost a betrayal to him. So she moves to a new town to get away from it all and tries to live in the shadow, only to have the resident playboy and bad ass take notice.

Remembering to Forget: This story has been brooding in my head for quite some time. It's a twist on the cliche, yet still cliche because I can't seem to get away from those. What if the shy girl did get the rich, arrogant player? What if he fell madly in love with her and vice versa? End of story? Not when the guy can't seem to keep his penis tucked safely inside those ridiculously priced boxers of his...

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