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Sarryn PM
Joined Apr '01
Good evening and welcome to the twilight realm of my twisted imagination. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Would you like a radom iced beverage? Or perhaps a morally ambiguous cookie?

Ah, yes...Morals...I have decided that, due to my inherent lack of said morals, I will no longer attempt to continue the charade. I have found, more often than not, that pretending to have what most would term "normal" morals is trying and fatiguing. I will no longer pretend. If you disagree with the code of ethics I have decided upon for myself, then that is your choice. Do not, under any circumstance, assume that telling me about your morals will in any way influence me.

I am no saint. I am no devil. I simply exist as an animal in human flesh. What use have animals for right and wrong?

I also don't flame people as a rule. If I don't like a fic, then I don't review. I've never really seen the point in flames. People over 17 shouldn't flame, unless they want to sound immature. People under 17 can flame, but then it doesn't really count and they still sound immature.

Note: I will not accept any flames, however, comments and criticisms are welcome. I am under the assumption that anyone reading this has a clear understanding of the difference between flames and criticisms so I don’t have to explain it. Here are some reason why I don’t accept flames: 1) they generally include an attack on the author’s character without regard to previous or future works that may or may not be in the same vein, 2) not only are they childish, but they make the writer of them sound immature and not old enough to read the material contained herein, 3) flames help neither the author nor the flamer to improve the work and, therefore, are not constructive, 4) if something is so offensive as to elicit the impulse to flame then it is better forgotten and not dwelled upon, 5) you waste time writing it and I waste time reading and then deleting it, 6) it won’t do you any good to point out my lack of scruples, morals, intelligence, sanity, etc., because not only don’t I care, but I won’t listen.

Now for the REAL info:

Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Birth: 9/13
Sex: F
Hair: Dark brown/black/with golden highlights thanks to a salon :)
Eyes: Dark brown (boring)
Likes: Anime, manga, computer games, music, movies, writing, reading, crafts. Nice people who don't flame ;)
Dislikes: People who flame and/or are mean, spinach, "The Bicycle Thief", bigots (though I am one).

Current favorite thing to write and read about (updated according to new interests):

I adore dark fantasy stories filled with angst, blood and death. I also enjoy the occasional humorous story.

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