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Well, to say this is different is no lie. Well not much to know about me other than I like to write, read, live and constantly take pictures of the sky. I'm told I don't act my age but I've always taken that as a complement because I have years to live thinking I'm not young anymore (well, at least as young as I act ). Yup, so, I love traveling and thought it'd be the coolest thing to have a lot of pen names, each a different country. Sadly, my parent's hadn't thought of the idea and stuck me with an unoriginal name unlike the lucky ones out there actually named after a country. Well, yea, I said pretty much all that's worth mentioning, oh and I have an obsession with archery and wolves hintprofilepicturehint. I have to give credit to whoever did that picture, I personally have no clue but I loved it when I saw it and was extremely jealous of their skill. So props to the person who did the pic.

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