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Hello everybody! Notice I have favorite stories but not authors? The reason is that I think you should read my favorite stories and that I can't chose favorite authors. Everyone here has amazing talent so it's hard to chose. I do think that if you got a review from me your pretty good, so take pride that I reviewed your story/ies because I am very, very picky. BUT if you have gotten reviews from me from every single chapter than sudently I stopped dont worry I will review your story, but sometimes things get in the way.

I want to at least write one book when I am an adult. That is one of my important goals to me. I absolutly LOVE LOVE writing and reading. I really do. I try everything I can to get better. I still think I need much more work. I think from the scale 1 to 10 I am a 5 in writing. I am not horiable yet not the greatest. I am striving to be the best. It takes time and lots of patience. I do get frustrated sometimes. I'm like OMG I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! But when I get like that I take a break lolz It really does help. Sometimes you just need to clear your mind.

I would be delighted to help anyone with their stories. My email is on top for anyone. But one thing you should know I do not do grammar help. I am terriable. Did you already noticed? (If my bad spelling bothers you please email me because I dont want anyone feeling annoyed at my bad grammar) Note: I can help with the characters, ploting, setting, being descripted, ect.

NOTE: If you agree that plagiarism is not right go here http:///stopfp/petition.html

That's it for now. I hope you all achieve your dreams no matter what they are

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