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Joined May '08

hey! my name is chocochip7(obviously not my real name)

I joined fictionpress because i'm a member of quizilla, maybe some of you have heard of it. well when quizilla did their relaunch it was a little screwy so, some members got mad and left quizilla to come here and/or mibba. well i still like quizilla but since people moved here i came to read their stories.

So now im a member! yay!


Well, my favourite colour is blue, I like pretty much any music, im a desertaholic, I like reading and wished I was good at writing, my birthday is in july which means im a cancer and I know this is dorky but, I love disney movies. you know the ones like little mirmade, fox and the hound, lion king, mulan...ya I know dorky, but I just love'm! I also love stories about imortals you know like vampires,demons and my favourite; werewolves! I also hate scary movies, basically im a cowerd (the new willy wonka movie gave me nightmares for crying out loud!) which is another reason i prefer disney movies any day! And I think thats all so thanks 4 viewing my profile!

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