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Hi! My name is Kamil and am an avid reader. I could read anything from comics, manga, poems to novels. I love, love books although I don't have a library to boast of how many books I have (still on the way to achieving that).

I mostly read stories about Romance as what you can in my Favorites' tab. I also love reading stories wherein the heroine could kick ass not those annoyingly shy girls or otherwise known as the damsels in distress, though I don't like some over-the-top heroine where them being bitchy seems to be annoying.

I was first a user on Quizilla, but then it was just filled up with too many fan-fics mostly on vampires and the Jonas Brothers that I knew that I just have to move and it was even worse that they changed the layout of the site. Next, I landed upon Mibba. It was better, but I got tired by the endless fan-fics 'bout hardcore bands. And that was how I came upon FictionPress, the best place in the world to read!

I've been here for almost two years and still loving it. I do hope that they won't change the site since i like it this way though I have to say that I'm cruising through the Favorites of my Favorites. If you have a few story suggestions for me please do tell, I'm in the constant need of reading something.

CURRENTLY READING (Can't wait to finish it!):

Sookie Stackhouse Series.
It's way better than Twilight and for your information I don't like Twilight one bit! Maybe except for Rob Pattinson not Edward Cullen. I don't like things being overrated and I'm sure you'd agree that it is. So if you're looking for a vamp fic read this, it'll surely hook you right in! And Anne Rice's books, too, though Queen of the Damned the movie is surely a piece of crap.

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