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"The idea of Tabula Rasa was overpowering. Nothing awed me more than the sight of a blank piece of paper. The potential to create something beautiful was at the tips of my fingers, yet even then, such a possibility was inconceivably remote from reality. How crushing to reminisce and realize that even the imagination of the child had met its frontier, its roots firmly pushed down beneath the soil of the crushing certainties that mold the world. Though I suppose the imagination has always held a tenuous relationship to reality. The worlds we grasp so tenderly in our deepest dreams are the result of our own lingering dissatisfaction with the way things are."- Every Now and Then

So, I'm Alexis Grey.

An example of my work can be seen in the italics.

I'm sort of in love with the idea of being in love. These romantic aspirations war for domination in my writing, as my skepticism roars in protest. This probably explains the ambivalent take on love often conveyed in my stories.

Please review with constructive criticism.

Well anyway, not only has "Every Now and Then" been reviewed on /ftundiscovered, but a banner has also been made in honour of it.


PS. I'll take this chance to shamelessly advertise a friend of mine who recently joined this site. Her name is "Rose Elizabeth" and she's absolutely brilliant! Everything I aspire to achieve in my own work can be already seen in hers, from the seemingly effortless grace with which she strings her sentences together to her ingenuity. And damn it all, she pays great attention to detail and therefore has immaculate grammar and spelling to boot.

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