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My Info: I'm 16 years old, I'm a girl, I am a sophmore! my birthday is november 16, along with my brother and the rest of the world it seems.

My Dislikes: Commercials (especially stupid ones), People who think the world revolves around them, stereotypes, greasy food, idiotic people, blonde people, people in general (Just kidding! ish...), stuff like that

My Aspirations: I am going to enlist on my seventeenth birthday (with parental consent) . I plan to go to boot camp between my junior and senior year, then attend college for four years (while still in the Army) at either Texas A&M or UNT to study music and be in the ROTC program. From there i hope to attend the Warrand Officer Candidate School and study Combat Aviation after i've met the requirement of at least having the rank of an E-4 or higher. I want to fly the UH-60 Black Hawk (it's a helicopter) and become a Warrant Officer. After i'm out of the Army i hope to teach music at the high school level. from there? i have no idea.


FAVORITE FOODS: anything mexican, some italian, some chinese, and i'm sorry to say that i like fast food.

My Hobbies: i absolutely LOVE any and all sports, especially track, hockey, football, and boxing. i read like crazy! some fav authors are james patterson, sue grafton, nathanial hawthorne, ted dekker, and my very talented friends, primarily Frap and Flagella Twin. i like crime shows. i play challenging mind games any time i can. in my spare time i create games myself that we can all play (usually outside/athletic games) and anything weird/crazy. after all, things would be very boring if they were 'normal'. whatever that is!

My Personality: i am a very tough cookie, and i'll let you know whenever. i'm a fighter, but i've been known to be a lover. i'm told i'm 'different' and i couldn't agree more! some people find me obnoxious, but i say its me having fun. i'm not the kind of person to go behind your back, instead i'll just get in your face. i have a lot of wits and i use them whenever i can. i'm very protective of not only myself, but my friends as well. i like to have fun, but i get VERY serious when the time calls for it. i do hide things from people to protect them, and sometimes myself.

but what does it matter that i have put all of that. you don't know me, you know nothing about me. letters on a screen do not equal individuality.

so as you know i've deleted all of my stories. gotta fix 'em. too...thin. needs details.

i am however writing a new story called at gunpoint blank. honestly, it's kind of psycho. but i think it's a good change. fun writing it.

better poems coming soon. happier ones thanks to some good people and a different perspective. thanks guys. you know who you are.

This is an exerpt from a book i read recently. very good, and it came in handy when i needed it most. hope it helps you too.

Letting go meant you accepted what couldn't be changed. you didn't try to hold on to hope in order to coerce a change in fortune...nor did you try to battle against the superior forces of fate and try to make them capitulate to your will...nor did you beg for salvation because you assumed you knew better. letting go meant you stared at what was before you with clear eyes, recognizing that unfettered choice was the exception and destiny the rule. no bargaining. no trying to control.

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