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Hey, my name is Angelica. I live in CA and I am obsessed with dancing, writing, drawing, singing and day-dreaming. I hope that one day my original stories will be good enough to publish, but of course, there are no guarantees.

My favorite books/series: Sisters Grimm, harry potter, To kill a mockingbird, avalon high, Nobody's Princess, the girl who could fly, Gone, Maximum Ride, Pretty little liars, the palace of laughter, Graceling Series, Troy High, Harry Dresden Files etc..

Fave movies: 10 things I hate about you; Forest Gump; Grease; Grease 2; ; Hairspray; Up, Inception, True Grit, Black Swan, The King's Speech, The Nightmare Before Christmas; Step Up etc...i cant think of all of them right now...

My stories

Into the Night: Natalie and her friends are a group of 12 kids who all have something in common: they were struck with lightning and it gave them powers. They must embark on an ageless war between them and their enemies: the Shadows. They will make allies, and develop their powers but will it be enough in the end? (Note: this story is discontinued, if I choose to restart it, I would probably do it completely over again, with different characters and a slightly different plot)

Sophia of Athens: This story is currently on FanFiction but I wanted to put it on here as well. Sophia is taken at a young age to serve the gods, who are notorious for surrounding themselves with beauty. While a servant, she catches the eye of many, including a certain war god.

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