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I love reading, watching TV, and riding horses. I hope to publish a book one day.
My first addiction was Star Trek the original series. From then I've spread out to ST:TNG, DS9, and Voyager. I have mostly written the Star Trek original series fanfics just to amuse myself a few years ago. I think I started in 1997. I have been writing a few fanfics for anime and the movie/comic V for Vendetta. I have original stories as well running through my mind, but I find it hard to sit down and write those as well as trying to actually finish a multi-chaptered story, I have yet to complete stories that are longer than one-shots.
I discovered that I liked writing stories in 4th grade when my 5th/4th grade mix class had Writing Workshop everyday. I have quite a few short stories and most are humorous (or they were to me anyways :-) I loved my 4th grade teacher for introducing this to us. We had story time, as I did in all my elementary years, and it opened up my mind. The story that I remember most from 4th grade was "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." After that I set a goal to read all the books that followed it. I did. C.S. Lewis is an author I respect.
My favorite author is probably Robin McKinly, she writes awesome books!
That's it for now! And I do intend to add on. *grins evilly, fails then tries again, fail second time, wishes her face would do what she wants it to do and also wishes her acting is better...*
Oh yeah, I am a DDFer (Drama Debate and Forensics) and I encourage high schoolers who are interested in acting, debating, and/or just talking to join your local DDF team because it's fun! It may be called something different in other states such as Competitive Speaking.

I intend to post up another retelling of a Japanese folk tale, but that won't happen until I finish that story which means I have to have time for that and since I'm using whatever time I have for writing for my Escaflowne fanfic you guys might not see it for a while.

Feel free to e-mail me as long as it is not spam or some sort of meaningless rabble. Thank you!

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