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It's normally just dd/mm (as in, the date above) but the '10' just looks awesome! Hah.
HLWIT and Fish and Chlora have been updated :)



My name is XXXXX.
Finally 17.
Indian and proud of it.
Still finding myself. And that's okay.
I love myself and the people who love me and I love to write. It's one of the few things that I live for.

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the music

Death Cab For Cutie, Panic! At The Disco, The Script, The Fray, Taylor Swift, Placebo, ADAM FRICKIN' LAMBERT! .

the books

The Fountainhead, The Catcher in the Rye, The Lovely Bones, Gone With the Wind, Godfather, Sloppy Firsts and co, Prep, The Reader, Atonement, Armageddon, Pretty Little Liars, The Bitch Goddesses Notebook, Harry Potter, Prep, and more. Also, Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot are just adorable. I want to, need to read The Hunger Games and Liar!

the movies

They are few movies I love. I don't know why.. there's always something that makes it fall a little short of amazing, even if it does succeed in being a little amazing. Heathers was kind of brilliant and so was Juno and I remember loving A Walk To Remember.
And New Moon? Wasn't that bad at all! I've watched only half of it and was surprised at how much I loved it (except for Rob Pattinson's make-up- ick!)! It was kind of prettily done.. The kind of thing I will watch again and again as it's so easy to get lost in it!

the tv shows

Veronica Mars, The OC, Chuck, Lost, AI, Heroes, Friends, Skins

the quotes

"A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself." -Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

and other (love)s

rainy days, chocolate, pretty pictures, the amazing feeling you get as you head home after a particularly amazing time with your friends, iced tea, granola bars, garlic bread, wholesome conversations, texting, writing poetry (that's always cathartic yet pretentiously so), staying up during rainy nights .

The Stuff That's Up

How Long Will It Take? - COMPLETE WOOHOO!! Typical story about the typical girl who has a crush on her best guy friend told through notes/IMs/texts/phonecalls/etc. It has been done before but I had so much fun writing it!

Chlora and Fish - inprogress. It's quite random and it started rather randomly. I have great plans for this to be one of a series. I'm horribly attached to the characters as almost all of them have a bit of me and act in ways I totally didn't plan them to! It's my outlet for venting about the awkward conversations, Idol obsession, great people, sucky people, random outbursts, slight ADD-ness that were all a part of last year!

gaps. (poem) - I posted it in my blog months ago when I was feeling unsure, horrible and...in that mood. And I decided to post it here today when I was in a similar mood. Can't explain it but it's something change can do to you. Might be a sad excuse for poetry. Poems are not exactly what I can do. So it may suck. Hah


The Stuff That Will Be

The Private Parts of Private School - (My NaNo 2009 Novel which probably won't be uploaded as every word of it makes me cringe now)
synopsis - You think you know what you’re doing when you couldn’t be more wrong. This is the story of a teacher who wanted to give something back, a messed up student who always wanted more and the ex-boyfriend who started everything.

Heart Shaped Lies - (NaNo 2008 Novel- Perhaps this will be uploaded one day; didn't get past writing four chapters of this though)
synopsis - Affairs, memories, friendship, and then the accident that followed. All Viviane Lane wants to do is forget, but how can she when she won't let herself get past it?

Brianna and Heath - (Fish and Chlora spin-off)
synopsis - It was the summer of then. It is the summer of now. It was the summer of growing up before she was ready to. It is the summer of forcing herself to grow up and face things. It was the summer of Brianna and Heath and everything they wished hadn't happened and closure is a hard thing to achieve.

Karma -

synopsis - Rani's caught between doing what's right and what's easy as she heads home in a taxi she can't afford. The choice she makes will shape the rest of her life as thousands of parallel universes shadow the decision.


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