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crecentmoon89 PM
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Alright my first story is a complete dud.


The second story is better.

Although it still needs work.

Will maybe write more.

(You see, I'm kind of lazy. I know, I know...if looks could kill...)

Coming Soon!!(Maybe...)

Adopted into the Mafia

Arabella was just a lonely orphan girl when she walked into an Italian resturant to demand a job. Little did she know that the very person she was talking to could lead to her "accidental" death. Lucky for her, he found her amusing. And gave her a job. 7 years later, she is working the night shift as a waitres when she inadvertently insulted the Don's successor, Kade Nicolai. Unfortunetly, she catches his eye. What will she do when the Don dies, and leaves her in charge of the Mafia? Good thing that there is a loophole. You know...the one where she has to marry Kade. Now why, again, did she have to be like a daughter to that sweet old man?

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