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So hi =)

So I'm guessing if you came here, it was cus I posted a review for your story. I must have enjoyed it a lot because recently I've only been reviewing stories that I really had a good laugh or it made me smile.

I tend to read stories with happy endings. It lets my mind wander and take a break from reality where things don't always end in happy endings. I don't mind the occasional twist or the break up - make up parts because, well, they end happily ever after.

I tend to pick stories by things that I want to read about. Like for example, I went through this phase where I liked stories about people being stuck in an elevator.. probably from grey's anatomy (If you watched that show, you would totally know what I'm talking about :D)

Although for all of those who just happen to stumble upon here, I am sorry if I don't review your story. I've been a bit lazier than usual. Maybe I'll get into the habit of of reviewing all my stories again.. it would totally help me find your story easier. Although the good part would be if you did stumble upon here, and I did happen to read your story, well it will be forever written in my book of fictionpress/fanfiction book. I started this um.. maybe 9th grade? Maybe even earlier, I only started reading fanfictions in 7th grade, a recommendation from my best friend. I spent a good part of my summer decorating this composition notebook with pictures I liked. And well now it has all of the stories that I spent my time reading in there. Although.. the only bad part about it is that I don't put a description of what the story is about in there.. and it is more or less a book so that I know that I've read the story. And surprisingly enough I don't think I've ran into a story that has the same title.

Well ok.. I have no clue what else to write here.. and my account name is the same here as over in fanfiction so yeah.. if you wanna know more about me, cus I didn't write the same thing over there, you can go there. I haven't really read a fanfiction story in a while.. only blaise/luna (HP). Eh, I've kinda moved away from there. But still, you can check out the stories I liked there. Although it probably doesn't reflect my taste in stories anymore (considering I like about almost anything I read back then, and even now. But I'm a bit more picky now).

Hope you had fun reading this. =D


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