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I love writing, a duh isn't it, and helping others become better writers is a really cool perk. One of my biggest dreams, second only to winning the lottery (maybe even above that), is to become a published author and to have people buy my books simply because I wrote them (no "people" does not include my family).

My name is Jo, I live in Oregon as you will probably deduce from my writing, I try to write about only what I know, so it will be set in Oregon a lot as this is the place I know the most about. If something in one of my stories doesn't seem possible or it's wrong by something you know PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks to all, I hope you like my writing.

Update: (10-10-2011) I promise I haven't given up! Sadly things have been complicated for a while. Sporadic writing, and most of the time none at all, has been the name of the game. It was really heartening to get online and see the comments you guys have left. Thank you all, I promise as soon as I can get something done that's not a school essay I will post it for you guys.

Now, the state of things: (updated 10-10-2011)
Words Falling on Deaf Ears: Current (On going)--I'm right in the middle of the next chapter. As soon as I find it from where my computer decided to put it, I will finish it and put it up for you guys.

Stunning: Finished (for now), can't find the two chapters for it I had been working on so it gets to remain as is for now.

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