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Liv Ramatta


Word Count: 69,979
MicroSoft Word Length (in pt 11 Trebuchet MS font): 127 Pages
Chapters: 6 completed, chapter 7 is in the works
Publishing Info: Juniper-Press has offered me a spot, but nothing is set in stone because (duh) they still could change their minds if they hate the last ten chapters.


My in-progress novel, currently entitled Elixir, is the product of a different project that took me nine months to get nowhere. It was a modern day high school story, one that I put all of my drive and efforts into but didn't get anything back. I'd been working solely on that for nine months, and vowed never to take up a new project until that was finished. Nine months, and I never even finished a satisfying first chapter! One day, out of the blue, there were all these new, interesting characters spilling out of my ears! There was a story for them, already written and developed, they each were brimming with intriguing personalities that I didn't even need to come up with. It was disorienting, I didn't even need to think! They named themselves, drawing their own faces in my mind so that I could see them clearer. I knew them each so well, their favorite cuisines, their birthdays. In two hours, I knew them all a thousand times better than the characters I'd had nine months to associate with.

In one day, I did the impossible. I wrote a twelve page first chapter, something I hadn't achieved in almost a year of progress. I tried going back to those high schoolers, with this new wave of enthusiasm for writing, but they were as dry as ever. Their story came with gaps I couldn't fill, with a dead story and dead faces that I didn't fall in love with. At first I tried to keep my promise, I didn't work on this new blessing of a story, but that didn't last. I declared that first book officially dead within five days, then began on the other project, hoping that this big, inspirational flare had lasted. And it had, so here we are.

Brooke and Lay came effortlessly, they deserve the credit for all the stories. I just struggle to keep up with them. I have fallen in love with each of them a hundred times, because I'm as shocked as you are when something big happens in the plot.

Aside from all the intense writing, I do have a life. I am addicted to the shade and the age of the lush forests that surround my neighborhood, and the golden sunshine were it falls in the open spaces. I love to read, play sports like soccer and softball, spend time with my friends, family, and border collie, Steph, and eat foreign chocolate. I have four other members of my immediate family who are all such inspirations and dears. I love you Mom, Dad, Roger, and Devin!


A short list of everyday things that give me inspiration.

•Corbin, Sasha, and Rafa: You guys actually MADE it into the story!
•Curly hair.
•Gorgeous eyes. (especially blue)
•Poetry and song lyrics.
•All of my family and friends, you're all such dears.
•Sunlight behind hair, creating an earthbound halo.
•Real life love. True love
•Shiny stuff.
•Words: the divine kind that almost have a taste.
•And people. Just people. They're everywhere, doing things that make my jaw drop, that make me want to sing from our lovely humanity.


Gabrielle • gab-ree-ell

Chanel • shun-ell

Patriquè • patch-reek

Juilliard • jew-lee-ard

Kaija • kI-yuh

Rafael • roff-I-yell

Marguerite • mar-gur-eet

Ariette • air-ee-ett

Sagittarius • saj-it-air-ee-yus


I'd just like to thank all the supporters of this novel, all the help from family, friends, professionals, and other people with loads of patience for me and my imagination. Specifically: Mom, Dad, Roger, Devin, Dylan, Katie-Did, Noelle, Rocko, Twinkie, Sam L., Sam J., Sara, Lou-la, Joseph, Nathan Whitney, Evan, Nicola, Simone, Alexandria, Alex (aka the Big Man on Campus), Crazy Steve, Dave M., Princess Hazel, Lil Ice (Christian, Christian, Christian!) Jacob and Jake, Lois, the Dynasty Herself, Aunt Shirley and family, Aunt Tessa and family, Grandma and Grandpa, Eloise, Maria (you rule!), Winger, Candace, the Daley family, the Ryder family, the Scotch family, the Nielsen family, the Whirst family, the Henderson family, Sue, Dan, Rad Radley, Little Jean and Big Jean, Carly, Uncle Cam, Kimberly, and my inspirations for the Larks: Sasha, Raf, and Corbin! There are so many more I want to thank! I love you all so much, you make this book what it is! Thank you for all your time and effort!

Alright, that's all I have as a bio right now. Check for updates, I'll try to post the latest at the top. Keep dropping in, new things will come! Thanks for visiting me, keep reading!



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