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Fyrie PM
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Joined Apr '01
4th November 2002: The weirdness of me
Online nickname - Fyre
D.o.B - 24th May
Age - 21 (whee! I'm legal!)
Location - Scotland
Doing - Currently, a 4th year student at university, doing and English and Film&Media joint honours degree. It almost sounds interesting put like that but it isn't.
Fandoms to write - I try anything once, but I want it known for the record that I am a Harry Potter geek. That is my current thing to write in abundance (or at least crossovers). Also write Buffy the Vampire Slayer, various musicals and anything else I feel like trying.
Ships - None in particular. Again, I write anything. Have been known to do weird ones cos people said I couldn't.
Weaknesses: I also adore bad guys. Writing them and observing them. Bad guys are yummy. And now, they've given me Lucius Malfoy to drool over... egads...I just hope that they don't let Voldemort be good looking or anything... (yeah, snake-face - minor technicality, but still)

Now, a request - please, please, please, please, please and - at the risk of sounding repetitive - PLEASE do not ask me to write more *now*. My muse is a fickle and stubborn creature and when it sees reviews like that, it immediately blockades whatever fic the review was for. I write what I feel I can write at any give time. I try and do as much as possible, but I *am* under severe time constraints and do have a lot to work on aside from fanfiction. I know this seems ungrateful and cranky, but pleeeeease - I can only do five things at a time and even that is a push.

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