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Well Hello everyone, I'm Dagonmaster. I'm 18 years old and I'm from New York. I do like to write in my spare time and I have been doing so since 9th Grade. I hope everyone will enjoy the my first published story and I hope to hear from your reviews. Praises, Criticisms I accept them all for I wish to get all of your feedback and improve myself.

Most of my work, as shown deals with supernatural and fantasy. I love works that show meaning and convey powerful messages. So be prepared to see that when viewing my stories.

Bellow here are a list of all my works. Read there summaries to your hearts content!

1)Sagara the warrior's ascension- REMOVED.

The reason for my story no longer being on fictionpress is explained on the author's note.With that said, it most likely will not be returning.

Update(8/11/09) I've heard that there has been numerous accounts of Plagiarism on this site. If by some chance you manage to notice any work that is similar to mine PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY! I cannot stress how important and valuable my work is.

If worst comes worst this vile plague manages to strike me I will (After dealing with the problem) Immediately remove all parts of my work from this site. And that would be a real shame too for I love to write and share my work all of you.

I won't go into details of what would happen after I remove my work but be aware I take my work seriously and I will got to any lengths against those who steal it.

In terms of the next chapter for Sagara, I'm taking a short break. I want to properly organize and collect my ideas for the story and which direction I want to take it so bear with me.

Update(8/23/09) I've just finished the next chapter of Sagara(aka chapter 25). But I will not be posting it just yet. Instead I will first finish writing the preceding chapter aka 26 and post them both at the same time!

Also, I'm in the planning stages for my next story aka Dragorian Chronicles(Working title). I've got a lot of ideas for this one and I can't wait to start writing it once Sagara is finished.

Update(2/1/10) Its been a while, but I've uploaded chapter 29 of the Sagara. Unfortunately, that might be the last key update, for I barely gotten any new readers onto my story. So if you want me to update more frequently, then please take a look at my story.

My reviewing policy

I do appreciate people who take the time and review my work. To me reviews are my way of seeing if readers are enjoying my work and what steps I need to take in order to improve. As for my policy, I do accept any form of praise or criticism. But one thing I do not accept is flaming. Now I know there are some people out their who confuse these types of responses or try to justify their flames as reviews.

I will not lecture on what makes a good review( since a review is entirely subjective opinion) but make no mistake, If I manage to catch any form of flaming what so ever I will instantly block you and I will delete such flames! Now this may seem harsh but I simply do not tolerate such nonsense. For those to flame under an hidden name be sure I will delete your flame too.

But aside from that, I do accept all types of comments/ reviews.

I do understand that leaving a review is time spending, so in response, I do take the time to review your respective works. But please aware I can be very busy so at times I may not immediately respond. But make no mistake, I will definitely get to your respective work. In terms of work preference I do like fantasy and Supernatural but I can read other genres as well. All except for horror for personally cannot stand them.

In terms of my reviews, I do not focus too much on spelling and grammar(unless its really bad) for I share those problems. Instead, I focus on plot and character development and how the writing seemingly flows. I love stories that have twists to them and more important characters indistinguishable traits and qualities to them.

I also like stories that seemingly take a genre such as fantasy and takes it within a different light.

Overall, I just like a good read and if you can give me that I'm happy.

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