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Sarah. 18. Raised in Colorado, currently partying in Montana.

"What a man does for pay is of little significance. What he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the world's beauty, is everything!" - H.P. Lovecraft

Review policy for Maybe It's Cabin Fever: reviews on 3 of my poems = return review of one of your chapters. It takes you about a minute tops to read and review a poem. It takes me at least 8-9 minutes (depending on length) to review one chapter, because I go deep. So, don't expect to get a review if you just review one poem. You take time out of your life to read my stuff, I take the time out of my life to read yours, and I don't intend on spending my time laboring over your chapter when you just skimmed over my poetry.

Review for review. I kind of go through phases with this thing, where I'm on all the time reading and reviewing and updating, and then I will spend weeks not being on at all. Seriously, nudge me via PM if I owe you a review.

I'm in college now (have been on FP since I was a freshman in high school...whaaaat?) and being an English major my life is insanely hectic. I still write frequently and will probably publish every so often and review on occasion. I have not disappeared.

You can also find me (more frequently) here:


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