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Yo. -waves- Uhrm... Okay. I guess you'll want to know a little bit about me, then, if you're checking out my bio. Uh... Well. Here. I guess I'll just profile myself like I profile my characters.

Name: Crater (or Torq, but that's a story all it's own.)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Eyes: Blue (but their tint changes with what I wear. It's cool.) And I wear thick rimmed eyeglasses with wire earpieces because I'm cool like that.

Hair: Brown, and I'm considering bangs.

Height: A meager 5'4". Everyone in my school ('cept the underclassmen) tower over me...

Shoe size: 8 1/2

Favorite Color: Light blue and neon orange.

Favorite Smell: Rain. There's nothing like a heavy rainfall to make everything smell new and drowsy.

Preferred Shoes: Converse; I even liked 'em as a little kid.

I like to listen to many different bands, and it really pisses me off to listen to people argue about how some bands "suck" just because they're related to someone who "sucks," or about how "this person is strange" or "dresses weird" so their music "sucks."

Pisses. Me. Off.

It's one thing if their music genuinely sounds terrible, but people shouldn't rant about how the band stinks just because of who it is. It's stupid, and if someone has the audacity to post something like that on the Internet, then they're simply painting a big sign on their chest that says, "I'm a serious moron and don't deserve a computer!" or "Crater, please kill me!" And believe me, I'm a very agreeable person; you can trust me to fulfill this simple request. 3

Anywho. I've been writing for a while now. I really enjoy it, and people tell me I'm good, but I still find continuous faults in my work, so I will be using FictionPress and FanFiction as my bases for people that I don't even know to tell me if I'm good or not.

Now, I know from checking out a few of the stories on here that people don't review as much on here as FanFiction, but it's worth a shot, so what the hell? I'll give it a go.


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