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Well, hello there! Welcome to my little corner of FictionPress.com. This is where I'll yammer on about random things that really don't matter at all. Enjoy my ramblings!

I have several million stories underway but none of them are posted here yet... I'll be posting some soon, sorry!

Are reading and writing your passion? Do you want to talk to others about them? Now you can.

Well, if you do, I've founded a bookgroup, Write-On, which you may feel free to join. Its URL is http://. All you have to do to join is sign up for WordPress. Then, contact me (through comments or PMs) and I will set you up as a member.

The description of Write-On here is rather lacking; for a better description, visit http:///home/.

Note: Right now, the members sidebar is under construction. That means that not all of our members are displayed there, only the first two.

If you'd like to join, just talk to me!

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