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Just a few words really. I am a teenager living in England and I have written a supernatural fic called Twilight. I've also written the prologue of another supernatural fic, called 'This Cursed Passion'. It involves doomed, forbidden love with witches and vampires, set in medieval Hungary, which is...interesting. And I'm trying to write an series of 'urban legends', hopefully with some surprising twists.

In the future, I have a few more ideas, which may or may not be written, but currently, I'm concentrating on the fic I'm writing now.

What else? Well, music has quite a big impact on my stories and characters. I love musicals, like Wicked, Sweeney Todd and Les Mis.

Let's see, books like Harry Potter, Redwall and other fantasy books (Bartimeaeus trilogy especially) I like, as well as a lot of random other things. Favourite TV shows, Doctor Who, most comedy shows (Community at the moment) and Buffy, which pretty much started my love of vampires (and werewolves.)

If I'm taking a lot of time to update, message me and tell me how much you are annoyed, or please feel free to try my stories on fanfiction.net at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1499305/teppygirl, though I must warn you, I wrote them a long time ago, and I have a sneaking suspicion they're not very good. Also, have a look at my favourite authors and stories on both sites, you might find something you like. And remember, I live on reviews so please please do. Review!

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