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So I am guessing you want to know more about me. If you don't care, skip this and go to the storys.


I do not believe that anyone in this world is able to define themselves in a paragraph, We are all complex creatures that can only be understood once you put out the time and effort. If you want to know about me, get to know me personally, you won't find anything in this section. Random facts about my life will not tell you who I am, that would be defining me by mixing the ideas and thoughts of others and coming up with a whole person. They will only give you a glimpse of the real me.

The only glimpse I can give you is an insight into my thoughts and opinions. I am anti-society, becareful, I don't take to kindly to the state of our world society.

The Glimpse

I am a closet writer. I used to calm myself through my extensive depression. I still struggle with suicide and depression, but as you can see my humor has not been affected. But I can't be a good writer until I get some good honest critisim.

My humor is Odd, disclaim that! I don't believe that conforming my humor to the lines of what most people believe is funny, I wouldn't be me.

I have a batman obsession, especially the new dark knight. The contrast and struggle of good and evil was amazing and insightful. Normally though I just like batman for his ass-tastic rear and the amazing ues of his tool belt.

I have always believe that there is darkness inside us all, and if we allow ourselves to become lost to the darkness then we will become as corrupted as the society we live in.

I have always believed that tolerance is not agreeing with all decsions made by a person, by rather looking past their lifestyle choice to love the person. You can disagree wth someone all you like, but when that disagreement stops you from treating them as an equal person then there is a problem. "We all come from the same mud" - a quote from the book of Job in the bible.

I like to think of myself as the colour of my hair, half blonde, have black. I can be odd and ecsentric but I tend to beocme very dark and cynical. It is the after math of a depression and suicide attempts, don't try to understand the two people inhabiting my body.

I tend to bring this out in my character Airizeale. The farther you get into the story you will see the struggle between fire and ice, fiesty and broken. We all have the two people within us, whether you believe me or not. Light and dark fight once more in inner turmoil.

Now that you have heard some of my thoughts you may know me better, Read my stories and how to guides before I STRIP YOU BUT NAKED AND BEAT YOU WITH A MASE

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