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Hi I'm poopstik.. I can be found on crunchyroll, mangafox, youtube, and fanfiction.

I love to write but i end up not uploading it cuz I always wonder if I would ever continue it. hehe I was planning on writing a fantasy story but i gave up on it. Then I tried writing a romance story but i gave up. So i finally wrote at least one poem on Oct. 11/08. And I uploaded it. So maybe I will write poems more often. Or maybe One-Shots.

I am a very happy person. I love to listen to music. I like the colour orange and green. HEHEHE~ I go to school :) I love my friends. I have a crush on this boy. He is nice yet mean. And I am glad I met him.

Kpop, Jpop, Jrock is what I listen to. I am ASIAN! ahaha. I get pretty hungry alot (: I love butterflies and shining objects. I am a very short girl. If I could have one wish it would be something. (: This is my last year of elementary school. Going to High School soon. I feel scared, excited yet sad at the same time. Who knows if I will change. Aww man Just writing all this is making me hungry.

Latest thing I ever wrote was Invisible and Why Did You Fall For Me? Poems. (:

I love to brush my teeth in my bedroom. My computer is in my bedroom. My whole life is like my bedroom :P ahaha every sentence ended in bedroom (:

Thanks for reading my profile (:

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