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Keona Raynalise PM
Joined Jul '08

Im an aspiring Microbiologist. I want to be a reaserch analyst, but put in simpler terms, you know that Jason Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner in it? I want the main characters job. (And her spy/assassin boyfriend.) I also love art, humanities, and economics. I love to draw (but hate painting), love to argue, and I love thinking about things! Im also learning to be a fashion designer, and once upon a time almost majored in it, but man that industry is hard to work in. Im taking private lessons from another fashion designer every sunday and its great!

Dont read the story I have on here. Omg its terrible. I havent written much these past few years, but I do have a giant imagination. Mostly I tell myself stories to keep from geting bored throughout the day to to help me fall asleep at night. (So yes bedtime stories.) But theyre pretty terrible. Very cliche and tropey. Oh man so terrible, but they keep me amused. I might polish one up and write it down one day, cuz som e have good ideas buried under all the stupid cliche. But that day is not now.

I have a lot of science and math classes man oh man its so terrible and exciting. ;)

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