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Hi im Kikyo Hatake. And this is the third time i've willing edited this bio (seriously I hate bio sections). I'm here to spread my passion for writing with other passionate readers and writers.I hope you enjoy my stories! You can send me a message or just send me an email @ kakashichik@. I also have this joined account on here that I made with some old writer friends (that I totally forgot the name of -_-) of mine. We havent done anything on it yet but we will get to it soon (once we remember the name)! Also I have another account on fanfiction.net at www.fanfiction.net/~kikyohatake. I have one completed story on there (its really old by the way and kind of embarrassing) and one story that I really haven't had the urge to get back to but i hope you check it out and give some reviews and please if you can send me some info to help move that incomplete story along. Thank you for checking this page out!

age:18 (i really need to start changing my age when i have a birthday in may)

real name: Tiara L. Giles

hobbies: Well...its really a lot but if i start from greatest to least i'd sayyyyyyyyy...: READING is number one because its like the only thing that i force myself to have time for because im completely addicted to it. Nice drug isnt it? DEUX~MUSIC: Love it!! Can't go without it. I swear! I need a new iPod just to fill my need for music and i even play an instrument every other day (mainly because i have to. and its a grade. for a class. that i take.) And ze third!! ART!! I LOVE IT!! (languages is kind of next to it but i have bad teachers sooooo...yea!)

You've Got Mail
August Rush
The Karate Kid (2010)
and other movies that i cant rememeber because im in class right now and were not doing a thing so yayyyyyyy! I'll finish this later. Maybe...

Super Junior
Big Bang
Frou Frou
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Guns n Roses
Homemade Kazoku
Utada Hikaru
Imogen Heap
and so many other artist that your text messages would still be full after deleting them ten times.


I never realized that Best Friends for Life would be so popular. Really! I just got bored in class and started writing something in like two weeks on paper (needs some serious editing though). All of my completed stories need some serious editing. Haha. But the editing is currently being put aside by my current story Ti Voglio Bene (its down there if you want to read it. It's my favorite and almost complete - in my mind :D) Anyway, thanks for all of the love peeps!! I hope you will read and enjoy my other stories!!

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