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Lives off tofu, downloads classic rock only for the guitar riffs, and is very guilty of procrastinating. Although I suppose we've all done that one time or another.

Hates hates hates false modesty, ponces, high pitched squealing, fishing for anything other than actual fish (and perhaps the occasional strip of algae), hopeless romantics who make life fromage, Sues (that did not deserve that capitalization...), physics

I'm an anime/manga geek. If I get hooked on a series, I will finish it if it kills me. Yes, instead of studying for my English and French finals, I sat there watching 20 episodes of Bleach (which is starting to suck now. I despise Orihime). I am also a book geek/hoarder.

A big pet peeve is when people use apostrophes in the wrong places. It's used to show possession, and it's used in contractions. It is NOT to be used in words where the 's' is present to show the plural form. And 'it's' is a contraction for the words 'it is'. You don't use 'it's' when referring to a dog, or a tree, or whatever else. #

UPDATE: Both stories deleted. They sucked crap. I don't know if I'll be writing anything new, although I have several beginnings of stories, but no plot, really.

UPDATE (09/14/09): I've decided to post some of my scraps here, just to get some feedback and constructive crit. Really. C&C. Please. I'll get around to doing it sometime this week, but forgive me if I forget.

UPDATE (02/03/10): delete that too... because it was not. worthy. to. be. seen. It was like a place to keep my weapons of mass destruction...

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