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Is this where I'm supposed to go crazy introducing myself or act totally sophisticated?


I'm 18, and a major anime and Archie Comics addict. I actually prefer drawing to writing, but since I want to practice drawing and writing manga, I have to post a storyline somewhere. I'm an amateur-intermediate writer and most of the stories I post were originally wrote in an informal script format, so I may take a while to update. Anyway, I live the southeast US and usually spend what...about 1 to 10 hours on the internet every day I think. I also enjoy sports, video games, pestering my sis and well..yeah, drawing.

Current Writings:

Precious Friendships - Status: INCOMPLETE - Reposted and Being Completely Rewritten

Future/Possible Writings:

My Best Friend - The story of a 14-year-old African-American girl's search for her older brother.

Virus - A young 13-year-old video game addict gets sucked into the world he loves. (Rewrite of a very old story)

R & R (Read and Review) - A high school freshman's journey through her first year in Seaside High goes a bit awry when she decides to reboot a defunct newspaper.

Master Tsukashi (Title WIP) - A young Japanese man fresh out of high school stumbles upon an alien artifact that sweeps him into the politics of the world it came from and finds out it has donned him as its next ruler.

R.O.B.O. - Inspired by Chobits, but not part of the universe, a 2nd year high school girl finds a robot who dons her as his master and hilarity ensues as their relationship develops.

May I Help You? (Title WIP) - The story of a young African-American's journey to achieve her dream of producing music for well-known artists, all the while having to deal an abusive ex, fake and true friends, a stepmother who favors who younger sister over her and falling in love without even realizing it. Based in the same universe as My Best Friend.


DevArt - ronnie343

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Pixton - ccgurl93

LiveJournal - ccgurl93

Tell me you're on FF or FP and I'll add you. :)

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