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H! I'm rosie, and I love writing, but not as much as clothes :D

Please read and review Love and Salt & My Greek Summer...

I'm thinking a title change, as it sounds like a frigging recount :P PLEASE REVIEW MY STORIES!!

Rosie: 17. Australia. Ethan. Bondi. Diva.

Pictures of ideal characters:

Love and Salt:

(Just pretend that theyare all around 17)

Ezra: http:///_Vm2rrkDYH7Y/Sswy7meBW3I/AAAAAAAAAiw/T_14-SQEb58/s1600/Luke+Pasqualino.jpg

Lola: http:///2008/08/rachel-bilson-picture.jpg

Drew: http:///stars/fan/chad-michael-murray/chad-michael-murray-20050308-29871.jpg

The Drug Dealer Next Door:

Nick: http:///_X_d6JjJ00I4/SCANQGtJytI/AAAAAAAANNk/UmR_2wb4XPM/s400/shower2Bblack2Bman.jpg - hottie

Quinn: http:///realitytvmagazine/2009/11/lauren-conrad-style-guide.jpg - Kind of the "girl next door" feel. but not really...

Kaitlin: http:///files/et/imagecache/636/files/slides/redhead-kirsten-dunst.jpg - Decided to make her a ranga :p

Brad: http:///images/150/T10124_thomasp_001.jpg - because Eurasians are ALWAYS hot ;)

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